social media completed

I finnally made it on to twitter with the help of my fairy godmother with her special magic fairy dust.
Bonnie you were my first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also have got back onto my face book but it will take me at least a couple of weeks to sort that out ineed to sort out other stuff first.
You see the photo of my baby photo finnished.
Looking for a funny you tube video to finnish my end of class blogging.
love julie


video sharing

Yeah check this out


So I’ll be honest I don’t really share any videos ever. Mostly I just click the link that someone has posted on fb and follow that to the YouTube video. I do think video sharing is important though, especially for distance learning, perhaps someone can’t get to the library to ask how to search a database or use the catalogue properly, if the library has shared a video tutorial on their webpage, it’s as easy as watching the video.

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